Aerial View of Scales NW Legacy NW-X Truck Scale Powell Livestock Scales Survivor ATV Truck Scale Rice Lake Mobile Group Animal Scale with Double Axle Scale Calibration Rice Lake Mobile Group Animal Scale with Single Axle Pitless Rail Scale Installation Rice Lake Stationary Group Animal Scale Survivor OTR Steel Deck Truck Scale with Double Rails Scales NW Service Truck Survivor OTR Steel Deck Truck Scale with Single Rails Rail Scale On-site Scale Fabrication Scale Controls Kiosk Scales NW Construction Crew Installing a Survivor PT Series Truck Scale
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Scales NW offers a complete line of weighing equipment: new & used scales, rentals or leasing, and all accessories needed. From lab scales to rail scales or custom applications for bulk or tank weighing – Scales NW takes pride in our ability to meet all your custom application needs.


Scales NW offers foundation construction, scale installation, and equipment calibration. Our knowledgeable service technicians offer preventative maintenance as well as emergency repair on all makes and models of weighing equipment.


Scales NW is Oregon’s largest manufacturer of truck and livestock scales and a leader in the industry for over 50 years. Scales NW offers competitive pricing, quality manufacturing and professional service from start to finish. Keep Scales NW in mind for all your weighing needs.


Having offices located in Scio, Spokane, Bend, and Kennewick allows Scales NW to competitively serve our customers throughout the Northwest while maintaining the highest standards of quality control and customer service. We'd love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.

Member of NTEP

Member of National Conference on Weights and Measures.