Load Cells and Weigh Modules

Load cells are essential to digital weighing systems but choosing the right load cell for your application can be confusing. Let our experts help you determine the perfect load cell for your needs, whether that’s a replacement load cell or one for a new weighing system.

We supply single point, double-ended shear beam, single-ended shear beam, S-beam and canister load cells in a variety of materials to ensure every application has equipment designed for their environment.

Weigh modules, sometimes called load cell mounts, can be used to easily convert nearly any container into a weighing system. Suspended weigh modules support load cells hung vertically to measure tension in applications such as suspended hoppers. We offer a variety of modules that can be used for fixed container weighing, including tanks and vessels. Truck scale mounts are also available and while they are best suited for use with weighbridges, they meet the needs of a broad range of industrial applications.

Our experienced sales team can help you determine the best load cell and weigh module for your application.